日時 : 11月24日(金) 9:00~18:00
移動方法 : 貸切バス
添乗員の有無 : 有
参加費用 : ¥10,000[参加費・昼食代込み]
参加定員 : 5~15名 ※ 最少催行人数:5名
参加方法 : Peatixによる事前申込制
お問合せ先 : 株式会社さとゆめ / TOKYO GIFTS 62 担当(森下)


Located in the northwestern part of Tokyo, the Nishi-Tama Area consists of four cities (Ome, Akiruno, Fussa, and Hamura), three towns (Mizuho, Hinode, and Okutama), and one village (Hinohara). Approximately 79% of its total area with vast forests, this region has blessed with abundant natural resources such as the Kanto Mountains and Musashino Plateau, pristine rivers like the Tama River and Akigawa River, as well as scenic spots like Okutama and Akigawa Valleys. It attracts numerous tourists for hiking, driving, barbecues, and camping.
In this tour, we will explore 3 selected spots within the nature-rich Nishi-Tama Area using a microbus and enjoy locally produced sake made from the waters of the Tama River.
・At Ishikawa Brewery located in Fussa City, you will have the opportunity to take a tour of the sake brewery and participate in a tasting experience.
・Visiting the only waterfall in Tokyo selected as one of Japan’s Top 100 Waterfalls, ‘Hossawa Falls’.
・At Hinohara Factory in Hinohara Village, distilling and blending spirits, and enjoying a tasting experience.
※Bus tours for foreigners(Japanese people can also participate)
※The tour guides are primarily conducted in English, but Japanese natives also accompany the tour, so support is available in Japanese for those who don’t understand English.

▼Tour Details
Tour Date : November 24th,2023 Friday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Mode of Transportation : Charter Microbus
Presence of a Tour Guide : Presence
Participation fee : ¥10,000[Inclusive of participation fee and lunch ]
→What’s Included in the Tour Price : Bus transportation during the tour,Brewery tour and tasting at Ishikawa Brewery,Distillery blending experience and tasting at Hinohara Factory
→What’s Not Included in the Tour Price:Round-trip transportation to the meeting point
Maximum Capacity : 5~15 ※Minimum Number of Participants 5
How to Participate : Pre-registration via Peatix
Contact Information : Satoyume.Co., Ltd / TOKYO GIFTS 62 Contact Person (Morishita )

▼For application and details, please see below